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        1. 牡丹江林海石油打撈工具有限公司,歡迎您!

          反循環強磁打撈器 (Reverse Circulation Fishing Magnets )


           CLF 型強磁打撈器是石油、地質鉆探工作中打撈井下小件落物的工具。它具有結構簡單、操作方便、性能可靠、體積小、重量輕等特點,利用本身所帶永久磁鐵將牙輪、巴掌、大鉗牙以及工具等小件落物磁化吸起,從而有效地打撈小件落物,凈化井底。

          CLF type fishing magnet in petroleum and geology exploration is used for fishing of small fallen s in the downhole.With some of advantages such as simple structure,easy to operate, reliable performance,small size and weight,it is equipped with permanent magnet to attract small s such as teeth wheel, palm, tong teeth and tool so that small s in downhole are fished and the well bottom is cleaned up.